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Assign your Compliance Officer(s)

HIPAA requires that your organization have a Privacy and Security Officer to ensure that your organization is meeting the HIPAA standards. With HIPAAgps, you electronically assign your officer who oversees your HIPAA compliance program. Because HIPAAgps tracks and stores all your records and documentation, transitioning to a new officer is much easier.

Conduct your Risk Assessment

HIPAAgps gives you an easy-to-navigate assessment wizard that helps you identify potential risks to your organization. Conduct your annual HIPAA Risk Assessment faster and easier, as this is a requirement auditors will look for.

Identify your specific needs

With our intuitive design and detailed dashboards, HIPAAgps shows you exactly what needs to be addressed to get your organization on the road to HIPAA compliance. Follow our lighted signals to navigate your organization through the many HIPAA requirements.

Connect with resources to meet requirements

Whether it be a vulnerability scan, penetration test of your computer system, or a coach to help you with the process, HIPAAgps will help you connect to the resources you need to meet compliance requirements.

Train your workforce

HIPAAgps gives you a comprehensive training program that includes a series of entertaining, educational videos with partnering quizzes, and a platform to manage and track your employees’ policy and procedure training, in-house training, and all other training that your organization performs. Meet the HIPAA Security Awareness and Training standard with the help of our all-inclusive platform.

Adopt your Policies and Procedures

HIPAAgps gives you a comprehensive set of Policies and Procedures that you can use in your organization. These documents cover the scope of the requirements and can be easily tailored to your needs.

Execute your Business Associate Agreements

With HIPAAgps, you can start with our sample Business Associate Agreement, tailor it to your organization’s needs for each of your associates, send it with electronic signature technology, and leave the rest to our system. You’ll have all your BAAs in one place, signed and easy to update if need be.

Store your documents

HIPAAgps stores all your documents electronically in our FormSecure Storage system. We keep track of your documents for you. No more copies, binders, and paper cuts!

Track your activities

HIPAAgps provides a version control system for you to keep track of your policy and procedure updates, risk assessments, employee training and business associate agreements to help you meet the HIPAA documentation and review/update standards. We also give you a calendar reminder system to help you keep track of your auditing requirements, pen-testing requirements, and other date-specific items.


Other Features

Phone and email support
HIPAAgps offers phone and email support to answer any questions you may have.

HIPAAgps dashboard and roadmap
The HIPAAgps dashboard helps you track your progress and see your path to compliance.

Workforce tracking
HIPAAgps helps you track your workforce to see who has trained and who hasn’t – and helps you keep training up to date.

Workforce training certificates
You can print out training certificates for your employees to let them display their success.

HIPAAgps Certification Seal
HIPAAgps gives you the HIPAAgps Certification Seal to display at your office and on your web site.

Reminders and notices
The HIPAAgps calendar allows you to set reminders and notices to help you keep on top of your requirements.

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